Subdivision Regulations
Section 1-1: Title
Section 1-2: Purpose
Section 1-3: Authority
Section 1-4: Policy
Section 1-5: Jurisdiction
Section 1-6: Applicability
Section 1-7: Exemptions
Section 1-8: Interpretations-Conflict
Section 1-9: Vesting of Development Rights
Section 1-10: Approvals Necessary for Acceptance of Subdivision Plats
Section 1-11: Accrued Rights and Liabilities Saved
Section 1-12: Severability
Section 1-13: Effective Date

Section 2-1: Appeals
Section 2-2: Penalties for Violations, Actions for Enforcement
Section 2-3: Building Permits
Section 2-4: Duties of the Secretary of the Planning Commission
Section 2-5: Duties of the Planning Commission
Section 2-6: Utility Advisory Committee
Section 2-7: Duties of the Utility Advisory Committee
Section 2-8: Adoption, Amendment of Subdivision Regulations

Section 3-1: Rules of Constrution
Section 3-2: Definitions

Subdivision Design Standards
Section 4-1: Applicability
Section 4-2: Block Standards
Section 4-3: Street Standards
Section 4-4: Lot Standards
Section 4-5: Easements
Section 4-6: Design Techniques
Section 4-7: Access Control
Section 4-8: Solar Access

Dedication or Reservation of Public Sites and Open Space
Section 5-1: Dedication Or Reservation of Public Sites and Open Spaces
Section 5-2: Action by Governing Body
Section 5-3: Use of Land and Fees


Submission and Approval of Plats
Section 6-1: Pre-Application
Section 6-2: Minor Plats
Section 6-3: Preliminary Plats
Section 6-4: Final Plat

Section 7-1: Subdivision Types
Section 7-2: Required Improvements
Section 7-3: Exceptions for Existing Improvements
Section 7-4: Waivers

Improvement Procedures
Section 8-1: General [Reserved for Future Use]
Section 8-2: Submission of Petitions for Improvements
Section 8-3: Final Improvement Plans
Section 8-4: Content of Engineering Drawings
Section 8-5: Review of Plans
Section 8-6: Approval by Planning Commission
Section 8-7: Construction of Improvements
Section 8-8: Inspection
Section 8-9: Inspection Procedures
Section 8-10: Final Inspection
Section 8-11: Report to Planning Commission and Governing Body
Section 8-11: Acceptance of Improvements

Guarantee of Installation of Improvements
Section 9-1: Gaurantee of Installation
Section 9-2: Off-Site Improvements


Variances and Exceptions
Section 10-1: Variances and Exceptions
Section 10-2: Cluster Housing

Lot Splits
Section 11-1: Objective
Section 11-2: Approval of Lot Splits; Application Procedure
Section 11-3: Approval Guidelines
Section 11-4: Staff Review and Action
Section 11-5: Fee
Section 11-6: Appeals

Vacations and Corrections
Section 12-1: Review and Recommendation by Planning Commision
Section 12-2: Vacation of Unrecorded Plat
Section 12-3: Correction of Platting Errors
Section 12-4: Vacation of Streets, Alleys, Easements and Plats

B-1: Preliminary Plat - Sample

B-2: Final Plat - Sample
B-3: Intersection Design
B-4: Subdividing Steep Terrain
B-5: Platting on Major Streets

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