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Hazardous Sidewalk Project

 As part of the City’s commitment to help keep the sidewalks safe within the community and the business districts, the City participates in the “Hazardous Sidewalk Program”.

A hazardous sidewalk is defined as a sidewalk or portion thereof that becomes inadequate or unsafe for public travel due to broken or missing pieces, unevenness or upheaval which causes a ½” or more difference in height between two adjoining portions of the sidewalk, or one that has an abrupt change in elevation, or a sidewalk which, in the opinion of the City Engineer, has become unsafe for travel due to deterioration, or other reasons.

We currently budget for replacement of hazardous sidewalks to help property owners with the cost. Owner Share is determined by the property zoning. If the property is zoned Commercial or multi-family Residential, the Owner Share is split 50/50 with the City. If the property is zoned R1 Residential, the cost is split 50/50 until the Owner Share reaches a $400.00 maximum for a single frontage, or $700.00 for a corner lot (2 frontages). Replacement of connecting sidewalks and Handicap Ramps is done at no cost to the owner and is not included when figuring the owner share.

Below are pictures of some of the sidewalk replacement projects.

For more information or to submit a request please contact -

Jacob Riggs

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