Planning and Zoning Department
City of Emporia
521 Market Ave
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The City of Emporia has established and maintained public improvements that support a full service community. Successful industrial recruitment, the passage of local sales tax elections for business development, and the maintenance of urban infrastructure--these and many more efforts have helped build Emporia as a regional urban center. The city faces the opportunity to build on those strengths as it plans for expansion of industrial development southeast and southwest of the city, the strengthening of commercial development within its established business districts, the city must plan to serve new residential districts with utilities to the west--including west of the Kansas Turnpike--and to the southeast outside of the flood plain of the Neosho River.

The City of Emporia is in a strong position to serve job creation needs for the region. The private sectors have the opportunity to work with the city and build on public investments in water and sewer, major thoroughfare roads, rail lines, utility lines and related infrastructure. Critical to development in Emporia, however, is the careful timing and phasing of growth so that limited financial resources can support the various infrastructure demands and opportunities.

The city must update and utilize land use regulations to ensure compatible and appropriate infill development within longstanding commercial corridors, such as the Downtown and the Sixth Avenue districts. Insuring that appropriate development design and intensities are provided along the commercial corridors is a critical aspect of public partnership with the private sector.

Emporia's Planning and Zoning department upholds these transitions and regulations. With a growing population, need for commercial and industrial projects, the department is right at the core of enforcing usage regulations that ultimately allows for Emporia to maintain its strong position for being a regional urban center for the state of Kansas


City Zoning Map

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